Jacksonville Startup Weekend pre-event kick off – A big success!



The final pre-event kick off organized by Jacksonville startup weekend team was another opportunity for participants to learn more about startup weekend and network. Event started with a welcome and opening remarks by MJ Charmani, founder and Chairman of iStart Jax Inc, business accelerator and Executive Director of IndoUS Chamber of Commerce. MJ presented the 2011 Annual impacts of startup weekend companies. $30M was raised by Startup Weekend companies with 260 Events in 202 Cities, covering 67 Countries engaging 21,316 Attendees forming 2817 Teams. Top companies that raised the funds this year include – Zaarly, Foodspotting, Scanadu, Saygent, Launchrock and ReportGrid

Rich Evans, Sr. Director of Human Resource, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida and Honorary Director of iStart Jax Inc delivered an encouraging note to use local resources and think global impacts. David Hayes, CEO of Tempus Software and Honorary Director of iStart Jax Inc rocked the attendees by inspiring them to find solutions that matter and make life simpler with the example of www.flobee.com. Pramod Jain, President of IndoUS Chamber of Commerce and Honorary director of iStart Jax Inc, motivated participants to start preparing by finding resources and explore possibilities of forming teams ahead of the Startup Weekend.

Lisa Daniel from JAX Chamber and Jerry from Small Business Development Center spoke about the support of their respective organizations to Jacksonville Startup Weekend.

Ujwala Rangole, Executive Director of iStart Jax Inc, provided the latest updates on the agenda. 17 organizations have signed up as sponsors for the event. Ujwala shared with audience the Speakers, Mentors and sponsors information. Mentors include the entrepreneurs, Startup Evangelists, Legal Consultants, Software Architects and Designers. This gave audience good insights into the event.

Yash Nath and Carlton Robinson, Executive Directors of iStart Jax Inc walked the audience through Frequently Asked Questions, event day format and provided tips for preparation.

Riti Singh, Executive Director of iStart Jax, said “It was a great networking towards the end of the event. Though we wrapped up at 6.00 PM, not many seem to leave. Most of them stayed back networking and getting to know each other”. Sanjay Kurahatti, a member of iStart Jax, said “I am thrilled to see so many coming out on a Saturday at 4.30 PM. This is such a great inspiration to volunteer and support the local entrepreneurial community”.

Jacksonville Startup Weekend is all set for a great start on January 20th at 6.30 PM. If you have not registered yet, don’t wait, early bird offer ends on January 10th. Register at  www.Jacksonville.StartupWeekend.org